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Automotive Body in White Gauging & Process Control Solution

Leveraging Hexagon Metrology’s advanced sensor and software technologies and combining them with proven industrial automation platforms results in a fast, accurate and flexible solution for measuring large automotive assemblies. The featured cell configuration provides full 360° view of dimensional quality directly on or near the production line to focus quality efforts and maintain high production rates.

Solution Highlights

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White Light Sensors

Hexagon Metrology’s White Light Sensors are designed to operate in a shop floor environment and can acquire both surface and feature data. With rapid shot image acquisition considerable dimensional data is collected and analyzed in real time.

Fixed Sensors

Additional fixed sensors can be added for measuring hidden or isolated critical points on the car body.

Industrial Robots

Hexagon Metrology’s Smart Inline Measurement Solutions are compatible with commonly used industrial robots from manufacturers. Robots give the flexibility of motion and high speed as well as being a reliable platform. Multiple robots and sensors can be integrated into a single cell depending on the specific application requirements.

RPS Measuring Device

This patent pending innovation by Hexagon Metrology allows an accurate and repeatable alignment of complex parts for measurement. It locks the BiW into position and also allows measuring hidden features using integrated RPS sensors.


The Skid is the carrier of the BiW throughout the body shop line. Depending on the customer and application there are different types of carriers used.

Solution Highlights

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The lift lowers the incoming skid and BiW on to the RPS device and when measurement is completed, lifts it back on to the conveyor line.

System Calibration Stand

The calibration stand includes two artifacts on both sides of the body. This allows the calibration of optical sensors and temperature compensation for the robots. The calibration process takes place during, before or after the measurement and does not reduce the available measurement time thanks to the innovative calibration technology.

Monitoring Station / Electronics

The monitoring station serves as key interface to the line operator with touch screen for monitoring the measurement results. It includes all electronics required for computing results and allows an easy access to all components in case of required maintenance. The cabinet includes air-conditioning which allows a continued operation under demanding shop floor conditions.

Safety and Automation

The cell is well protected such as any other robotic station in the line with fences, safety doors, light screen areas and opening gates.

Integrated Software Tools

Hexagon Metrology’s 360° SIMS Software Suite includes a powerful server and point cloud based software application. With a touch screen interface, users with basic experience in metrology such as line workers can easily control the cell and create reports. Measurement and process colormaps, trend charts and video of the day reports provide an instant overviews of trends in the line.

Detailed Analysis

Visual Colormap SPC

Measurement data from the cells is collected in a server and used for archiving, reporting and problem solving purposes by various users in the plant. System is also integrated to other customer IT systems for SPC, reporting and central quality historical archiving.


Measurement data from the cells is collected in a server and used for archiving, reporting and problem solving purposes by various users in the plant.


Hexagon Metrology 360° SIMS.
Smart Inline Measurement Solutions.

Our Solutions

Hexagon Metrology provides a broad solution for fully automated dimensional process and quality control. These are based on a long track record in developing and implementing worldwide measurement systems for measuring a variety of automotive parts and assemblies. The 360° SIMS offering includes a variety of cell configurations for robotic 3D Metrology and process control for automotive plants.

Growing Need for Quality

Challenging geometries and assembly features require robust measurement capabilities. Our end-of-line body-in-white gauging cell allows measuring the body’s exterior and interior areas. Hexagon Metrology 360° SIMS can also be adapted to other measurement tasks in the line, e.g. underbody measurement, closure measurement, etc. Hexagon Metrology 360° Smart Inline Measurement Solutions are versatile and created for various automotive applications.

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